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Bonus Resources...


Super Bonus #1: “Keep Clients Longer: The Hidden Key To A Thriving Coaching Business!”


I used to feel horrible when clients would end our coaching relationship and think I wasn't that great of a coach. Now I realize there are some simple things you can do, to keep clients longer that have little to do with your coaching.


Key distinctions: #1, How long your clients stick around has VERY LITTLE to do with how good of a coach you are! #2, The longer clients that stick with coaching the better their results!


In this powerful audio program you will discover how to:

  • Set up a long term coaching relationship right from the beginning! (no more worrying if clients are getting enough value to stick around from one month to the next)

  • Free yourself up from the constant search for new clients! (When you keep clients longer you'll need to gain less of them and won't have to keep getting new ones!)

  • What you can say and do in the first few sessions and in every session that will keep your clients coming back for more!!

Value: $197


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"Keeping Clients Longer: The Hidden Key To

A Thriving Coaching Business!"



Super Bonus #2: “The FREE Sessions That Sell” Community


Here's what you're going to get:

  • Practice buddies to hone your skills.

  • Connection with other coaches that have been using the system for a while to gain additional wisdom from their experience.

  • Proof that the system “really” works by hearing the stories from people actually using it. (this will help reinforce your confidence when using the system with actual potential clients).

Value: $97


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Free Sessions That Sell Community!



Super Bonus #3: “How To Sky-Rocket Your Confidence As A Coach!"


If you've ever doubted yourself as a coach, you're not alone. Coaches are practically set up to fail! Why? Because they are told to do certain things to get clients, and when they don't work they start to wonder if it means they just aren't a good enough coach.


Break yourself out of the cycle of self-doubt once and for all and get super confidence!


Here's what you're going to get:

  • What is confidence and what will extreme confidence do for your coaching business?

  • a super powerful way to get deep with yourself (and your clients) to eliminate self-doubt and its root causes.

  • How to get over the "need to be perfect" to be a coach.

  • 12 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Confidence As A Coach!

  • 2 Ways To Immediately Double, or Triple Your Coaching Confidence!

  • Easy Techniques You Can Use To Help Your Clients Increase Their Confidence Fast (this will make your clients love you)

Value: $197


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Sky-Rocket Your Confidence As A Coach!



Super Bonus #4: “Field Guide"


To make this process even easier, now you don't have to hurt your brain trying to remember each question from this process. With this "field guide" you'll have a form with a list of the main questions to ask and space to fill in the blanks. You can print out this form and use it with each potential new client!


Eventually, you'll have this learned this process so well you won't need the field guide any more. Think of it as "training wheels".


Value: $49


Access this PDF file here:

Potential Client Fill-In-The-Blank "Field Guide"


Modify This Word Document to use in person with clients:

Field Guide 2.0



Premium Only Bonus #1: Follow Up Q & A session (audio recording)


After listening to this audio program, some people had very important questions. Here are just a few of them...


Q: Can I charge for my initial session instead of giving it away for free?


Q: How can I use the "Free Sessions That Sell"
process to get my clients to RENEW
their contracts
for another 3 months, 6 months, etc.?

Q: How can I pre-qualify people BEFORE they have
the free session
to make sure they aren't just
going to waste my time.

Q: When people come to my website, is it more important
to get them
to into my database or is it more important
to get them to have a free session with me?


This audio program is 60 question-packed minutes!


Value: $49


Access This Audio Program Here

Free Sessions That Sell: Follow Up Q & A



Premium Only Bonus #2: Role Play Audio Recording


Listen in as I coach 2 students practicing the "Free Sessions That Sell" system. This session is nearly 2 hours long and reveals dozens and dozens of subtle nuances and distinctions about using the free session process. These distinctions alone can double you ability to enroll clients (and many of them aren't in the main audio program).


You could almost just listen to this audio to learn the whole system.

Value: $197


Access this Audio Recording Here...

Role Playing The Free Session w/Christian's Feedback



Premium Only Bonus #3: Interview, "How I Went From Zero To 6 Figures In 90 Days, and You Can Too!"


One of my clients (that's him on the left) literally went from earning nothing in his business to earning 6 figures in just 90 days! And later (at the time of this interview) his business was up to earning  $20K/month.


You'll discover...

  • Where did his clients come from?

  • How much he charges?

  • His mind-set?

  • His doubts and fears?

  • His primary marketing strategy?

  • The size of his database (then and now. It will probably shock you! - and inspire you).

  • How you can copy him...

  • And much, much more!

This 75 min. audio is an absolute "must listen" and will give you plenty of hope and inspiration!


Value: $97


Access This Interview Here...

Zero to 6 Figures In 90 Days!



Premium Only Bonus #4: Increase Your Income With Group Coaching! -How to start up, and enroll clients into, a new or existing group coaching program.



You'll discover...

  • How to make more money per hour even while charging less!

  • How you can get more clients by enrolling them into group coaching as a lower priced alternative to your 1 on 1 coaching (without talking people out of hiring you for 1-on-1 coaching)

  • How to capture more potential clients from every free coaching session you offer.

  • How to schedule the start up of a group program when you don't have anyone in your program yet.

  • What to do if you get 1 or 2 people in your program right away, but you wanted to have 6 or 8 and your starting next week!

  • Where to quickly find participants for your group coaching program that you wouldn't have been able to find for your 1-on-1 coaching.

  • And much, much more!

This 90 min. audio will give you more ways to get clients, grow your income, and help more people.


Value: $197

Access this audio program here...

group coaching




Extra Bonus Resources:


Power Beliefs Of Successful Coaches!

What goes on in the minds of successful coaches may be a bit different (or in some cases drastically different) than the average coach.


Audio: 5 Part Methodology For Coaching

Find out more about how to talk about the 5 part coaching methodology when you're explaining what you do at the end of the free coaching session.


Super Success System:

A system for planning and prioritizing your time, energy, and activities.


Coaching Forms

- Agreement Form (pdf file)

- Agreement Form (pdf file)

- Agreement Form (pdf file)


Note: I actually don't use agreement forms anymore. I think I may have gotten lazy or something. I haven't used any for the last 3 years . Still, if you want to use them, they are good ones to use. Disclaimer: If you use these or similar forms, you should always consult with a legal professional for the legality of any contracts you use in your state and country. I cannot be held liable for any harm that may or may not ever occur from the use of these forms.


My Rolodex:

These are ALL tools I use, and love. Some of these companies give me an affiliate fee (or commission) for recommending them, but I would never recommend them if I didn't use them myself.


Auto-Responder/Shopping Cart:

$ Professional Cart Solutions Making the switch to this service put me into the big leagues. I use it for my newsletters, tele-class registration, and so people can make purchases on-line. This program really runs my whole business. I can't recommend it highly enough.


Add Audio To Your Websites:

$ Audio Generator is very easy to use. I use it to add testimonials and personal messages to my websites, and I use it for my tele-classes (it's the "play" button).


Website Names:

$ Reserve Your Website Name (Domain Name) The best service and the best price!


Conference Calls:

Free Audio Conferencing This is the service I use for all of my tele-classes. It's FREE for groups under 95, and they have great prices for groups up to 250. Plus they have very good audio recording service that isn't very expensive.


Online Assessments:

$ Assessment Generator This is a great way to add assessments to your websites. Adding assessments can help open up "pain, problems, challenges" to help people see where they need your coaching support.



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